Rental services

The advantage on renting is by acquiring infrastructure without making a large initial Cash investment.
To start any business or when its time to grow for a business. There is a huge costs which needs to be invested in infrastructure. Information Technology is one of the biggest investment when ever it comes to any business. Rental helps you cut costs and pay monthly. Rent only that what is required.

Why rent?

  • Renting give you free support. You can cut down on your support staff as we will provide you support for all the devices rented from us.
  • Replace / Upgrade your assets any time.
  • Rent only what you require. You can anytime rent new or return back your assets depending on the requirement / demand. Pay only when you use.

Compare loan against Renting

  • Loan requires a down payment where rent does not.
  • Protects you from risk against equipment obsolescence as you can get rid of the equipment at end of the rent period.
  • There is not restriction or criteria on companies financial status.
  • The monthly payment is lesser than a loans monthly EMI
  • There are many tax benefits on renting. Payment made towards rents are deductable from operations cost.
By renting. Organizations can concentrate on their primary business. Let the support, maintenance be handled by us.

Rental Assets

  • Computers / Workstations on Rent
  • Laptop on Rent
  • Servers on Rent
  • Storage on Rent
  • Networking Equipments on Rent
  • IT Infastructure on rent
Support services are offered free of cost over rentals. For rentals contact Rentals Or fill in our contact form

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